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OmegAudio is a multifaceted Christian organization. Our heart is in music and audio. That is where God has provided our talents. Our greatest joy is to help you and your sound team members. We have over thirty eight years experience in building, training and developing sound teams.

We at OmegAudio will take the time needed to assist you in building a team that will manage your system, and eliminate those annoying small things that happen every week. Our goal and desire is for your team to be a top notch and professional team.

We at OmegAudio can help you through the process of upgrading your existing sound system. We have many years experience with installations, both new and upgrades.

We at OmegAudio can help you get that multi track recording system setup. So that you can produce your own music or recorded services. We can also teach you how to prepare those recordings for online streaming on your own web site. (we do not do web site consulting).

Our many years of experience will help you see quick long lasting results. And stay within budget.

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