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We charge a flat rate for all services of $40.00 per hour.

For project package prices call us and we will discuss pricing. But it will be comparable to the rate above.

CD prices are a simple $10.00 per CD. "What if I bring in my own blank CD?"
We will still charge you $10.00 per CD because you are using our experience, knowledge, and equipment.

Recording - We will help you record your original music.

Mastering - is a combination of processes that will help your CD sound good no matter where it is played (Read More).

Sound System Training - We will cover the following topics:

  • Wiring does and don'ts
  • Proper connections and terminations
  • Sound Check
  • Monitors how to run them correctly
  • Using the mixer
  • How to setup and use Equalizers, Crossovers, Compressor Limiters, and Levelers
  • When is the best time to use either a wireless microphone, or a wired microphone
  • Creating a proper mix.  What sounds good and what hurts.
  • Learning system and room limitations
  • Getting more from what you have

Digital Recording Systems - We have years of experience setting up systems that will record live audio, edit the audio, and burn it to CD. Ask us for help.

Click here to contact us for assistance or if you have questions.